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The Victim Advice Line is a free and confidential support service

Support for those affected by crime

Do you need victim advice?

If you’ve been affected by crime, it can be hard to know where to turn. At Victim Advice Line we’re here to help.

Do you need witness advice?

If you’ve witnessed a crime, you may feel you need emotional support to get you back to feeling like you, and/or practical advice to help guide you through the process.

Support when you need it most

Young victims of crime

Crime can affect anyone, it doesn’t matter what your age is. If you’re a young person who has been affected by crime then we want to help you.

You could be struggling with bullying, hate crime or online crime. You could have witnessed a crime, and now don’t know what to do. Whatever it is, it can be hard to know where to turn, what to do and who to talk to.

Free and confidential

Dedicated care coordinator

Practical and emotional support

Tailored package