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If you have been asked to attend court, which can feel like a frightening and overwhelming experience, we are here to support you make it less daunting. We will often refer you to the West Mercia Victim and Witness Service Centre for specialist support.

They will provide practical information about the court process, as well as emotional support to help you feel more confident when giving evidence. At a pre-trial visit, the Witness Service can show you around the court before the day of the trial so that you’ll know where to go, who you’re likely to see and understand what will happen on the day. They can also support at the hearing itself by reading your personal statement, if required.

You can also contact the Citizens Advice Witness Service Website to access free and independent support before, during and after the trial.

You have the option to complete this witness referral form or referrals can also be made via telephone. Witnesses and victims wishing to self refer should use 0300 332 1000 and other agencies referring on behalf of a victim should use 0300 330 1161. A Witness Service agent will contact you within two working days.

You can also ask us, the police, a witness care officer or the lawyer who asked you to give evidence to refer you to the Witness Service.

A Witness Service volunteer maybe able to:

  • come to your home or somewhere you feel comfortable to discuss your needs
  • help you prepare for the trial and talk you through what will happen
  • organise a visit to the court before the trial
  • support you giving evidence on the day
  • find you help after the trial if you want it, for example counselling

Following the trial, if you feel you still need support, then you can contact us again.