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Project summary

Thanks to funding from the West Mercia PCC, RoadPeace provide a support and information service for those bereaved through road traffic collisions, those who have been the victim of a serious injury collision (and their carers), and those who have witnessed a road traffic collision. The service is provided through a dedicated Road Victim Care Coordinator (RVCC) who works alongside the Victim Advice Line (VAL), which provides and coordinates support for victims of crime, and in partnership with West Mercia Police

The service also includes:

Introduction of two new support groups for those bereaved and seriously injured in road crashes.

Access to the West Mercia Local Support Group for those bereaved through road traffic collisions, and access to the National Injured Group for victims of serious injury collisions (and their carers) – meeting dates are available on the RoadPeace website.

The service can provide an exit strategy for Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) and complements their support and focus on victim-led peer support.

The support groups offer ongoing and long-term peer support as well as opportunities to learn about local action, foster positive community relations and strengthen communities


Local information guides for crash victims.

There are no national standards for collision investigations, so victims of collisions often find the post-crash process confusing. Working with the West Mercia Police and victims we have produced the guides  below for families bereaved by road crashes and those involved in serious collisions in West Mercia.

Road Death Investigations

Serious Collisions


Eight-week online Resilience Building Programme

Participants will learn about the psychological and physiological impacts of their bereavement and develop coping strategies using CBT methods and relaxation techniques to deal with depression, anxiety and many symptoms of PTSD.

For further information about this project or to make a referral, please contact the West Mercia Road Victim Care Coordinator, Kate Gynn, on 


About RoadPeace

RoadPeace is the national charity for road crash victims. They offer support to those affected by road crashes through their helpline, befriending service, trauma support programme, local group network and remembrance activities. They have an extensive range of post-crash legal guides that can help families navigate the criminal justice system and their legal panel provides advice on civil compensation. RoadPeace also campaign to improve victims’ rights and the response of the criminal justice system to road danger, and for greater priority to be given to reducing the number of future victims.


RoadPeace have a national helpline (0800 160 1069) which is open from 10am-1pm every week day, and has a voicemail service outside of these hours.  Further information on the charity can be found at